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Egon Eiermann

Table E1

Egon Eiermann

Table E1

Material Steel, HPL
Year of Design 1953
Year of manufacture 1955
Dimensions W 200 x D 100 x H 74 cm

The original Eiermann table frame by Egon Eiermann.

From an architect's office in Karlsruhe.

Egon Eiermann designed a metal table frame in 1953, which he used exclusively in his office. His students were enthusiastic and a few hundred pieces were produced in small series. The frame was completely welded and had a cross as cross-bracing. It radiated clarity and lightness and later became known as "Eiermann 1".

Richard Lampert made Eiermann's frame famous in 1995. He bought the rights to it and it became a real design classic.

Our frame is the original model and therefore completely welded. A table frame that clearly shows the many years of use.

The table top is white laminate with a wooden lipping.

Modern extensions are included. This gives a table height of 74 cm.

Frame in original grey lacquer with numerous marks. It has been slightly refurbished, so the original lacquer remains visible. Table top good.