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Renate Müller for H. Josef Leven KG

Therapeutic Toy Rhino

Renate Müller for H. Josef Leven KG

Therapeutic Toy Rhino

  • Rhinoceros with laced horn
  • good condition
Material Jute and Leather
Year of Design 1967
Year of manufacture 1970
Dimensions L 82 x D 34 x H 48 cm
Quantity 1
Price 2950 EUR
Shipping on request

Rhinoceros by Renate Müller

A piece of GDR history for young and old

This rhinoceros is a real piece of GDR history. It was designed by Renate Müller in Sonneberg in 1967 and manufactured by H. Josef Leven KG in Sonneberg, former GDR. Renate Müller was a pioneer in the field of therapeutic toys. She believed that toys could not only entertain, but also have a positive influence on children's development.

This rhinoceros is equipped with the coveted and rare lace-up horn. The horn is blue and the back is covered with a red blanket.

The rhinoceros is not only a beautiful toy, but also a valuable tool for promoting children's development. It can help to promote children's motor skills, sensory perception and emotional development.

For children

The rhinoceros can help to develop children's motor skills by being stroked, squeezed and climbed on.
Children's emotional development is encouraged as they identify with the rhino and see it as a friend.

For adults

Now a sought-after collector's item and design classic, the rhinoceros is a wonderful decorative object.

Very good conditon.