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Max Bill for WB Form

Ulmer Hocker - Stool

Max Bill for WB Form

Ulmer Hocker - Stool

  • Brand new from WB Form
  • natural spruce wood
  • versatile usable
Material Birke
Year of Design 1954
Year of manufacture 2023
Dimensions 44 / 39.5 / 29.5 / 2.1 kg
Quantity 10
Price 245 EUR per piece
Shipping on request

More than just a seat - the Ulm stool

Stool => Ulmer Stool
Side table => Ulmer stool
Shelf => Ulmer stool
Writing desk = Ulmer Stool
Bedside table => Ulmer Stool
Coffee Table => Ulmer Stool
Transport aid => Ulmer Stool
Tray => Ulmer Stool
Gift => Ulmer Stool
design classic => Ulmer Stool
clear edge => Ulmer Stool

We think: The Ulmer Hocker should not be missing in any design-oriented household.

It is the ideal gift for graduation, not only for architects.

Our stools are new from WB Form and made of spruce wood. Over time, it will develop its own "patina". This makes the stool unique. The stool is a piece of furniture for life.

Max Bill designed the stool together with Hans Gugelot and Paul Hildinger in 1954 at the Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG) Ulm.


Seat: natural spruce wood

Side: natural spruce wood
Crossbar: beech wood
Stand bar: Beech wood

Other colours available on request.