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Walter Papst for Wilkhahn

Three legged chair 360/3 Children´s Chair

Walter Papst for Wilkhahn

Three legged chair 360/3 Children´s Chair

Material Beechwood
Year of Design 1954
Year of manufacture 2009
Dimensions H 67 x W 43 x D 50 , Seathigh 37 cm
Quantity 3
Price 345 EUR per piece
Shipping on request

Three-legged children´s chair

Walter Papst is a pioneer of plastic design. Since the early 1960s, he has been developing plastic furniture in bright colours (bear bench, rocking plastic, shell chair).

His designs were characterised by new materials such as glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) and new ergonomic findings.

One of Walter Papst's best-known objects is the "three-legged chair". Its main aim was to promote movement when children sit at school. Papst had already recognised the importance of ergonomics at that time. Postural damage caused by "sitting still" was to be avoided. The chair, which is stable and robust due to its screwless internal construction, is distributed by the Wilkhahn company from Lower Saxony.

Our chairs are from the Re-Edition by Wilkhahn:

The front leg is invisibly screwed to a construction base that is recessed flush into the underside of the seat.
The two rear legs are set at an angle and cover both the seat and the construction base. These measures have significantly increased the stability. The swelling and shrinking behaviour of solid wood was taken into account in the connections.

like new condition

The price is for one chair (Reedition natural beech), 3 are available.